ANERA works to help improve lives of families living in the Middle East. A new website was needed to make donations easy, reflect on their nearly 50-year history, and to highlight their continued efforts.

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Multiple components of the site were constructed for the ability to make dynamic, flexible layouts for each of the 500+ unique stories.



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The stories section of the site focuses on capturing the reality of the work ANERA strives to do. Stories are able to be sorted through by different focuses the organization works within, featuring stories about community, agriculture, and emergency relief. 

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Each story is constructed of multiple components that are able to be uniquely pieced together to make dynamic, flexible layouts for each of the 500+ unique stories. No two stories look the same, reflecting the breadth of work ANERA has completed over more than four decades.

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Dynamic sections for history were created to load as a user scrolls down, unveiling their 40+ year history by the decade. Considering the depth of the content for their history, a simple navigation was also provided for the user to be able to skip around decades if desired.

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The How to Help section showcases multiple ways in which a user can donate money or time to the organization's cause. Each page in this section is optimized for specific audiences and goals.

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A simple blog was designed to handle text-heavy stories and encourage users to share posts to social media.

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ANERA is an organization that prides itself on transparency. In order to make a large annual report more consumable, a landing page with highlights was created to help garner interest and lead users to download it.

Highlights of the landing page included dynamic counters to draw attention to numbers of people helped by ANERA's servies, amounts raised for ANERA, and how numbers look categorically (ie. education, economic, and relief efforts).

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Integrated with Convio, a direct, simple page with pre-filled dollar amounts helps for a streamlined flow in getting users to donate. Each dollar amount is tied to a blurb about what a certain amount can provide and reinforces the specific difference a user can make for contributing.

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