Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center

The Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, is dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and understanding between the United States and Oman. Their mission is to cultivate culturally sensitive and knowledgeable citizens across generations. With an extensive repository documenting Oman’s culture, history, and heritage, SQCC serves as a vital resource for scholars and academics interested in the rich tapestry of Omani society.

Cultural center website design

the challenge

SQCC faces the task of revitalizing its online presence with a new website that embodies the essence of their cultural mission. It must reflect the Center’s commitment to scholarship and serve as a hub for accessing programs and their comprehensive library of resources. Given that scholars and academics comprise its primary audience, the website must resonate with their expectations while remaining relevant to the brand identity.

Cultural center website design screen options

the solution

The new website drew inspiration from the center’s architectural marvels, infusing its design with authenticity. It seamlessly integrates informative content on Omani culture, inviting users to explore a vast library of resources and scholarship opportunities. This approach not only reflects SQCC’s ethos but also enhances user engagement and accessibility.

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