The Walnut Room

The Walnut Room is a stunning restaurant space, existing within the Hotel Northland in downtown Green Bay. They offer fine dining featuring hand-crafted drinks and cuisine.

restaurant website on a laptop

the challenge

The client’s old site was not reflective of the beautiful interior of the restaurant and did not show off their amazing menu. They were missing key pieces for users to have their questions answered, know where the restaurant was located, and how to get in touch.

Restaurant website reviews section

the solution

The new site had simple, straightforward navigation and architecture for users. Using a bespoke pattern reminiscent of Art Deco, we created a motif throughout the site, along with a curated mix of several fonts for added sophistication.

restaurant website contact section

easy to find makes it easier to dine

The presence of the address and phone number at the bottom of every page meant they were now easier to contact and visit. An entire section dedicated to events was also included on the new site.

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