Dynamite Woodfire Grill

Introducing Dynamite, the epitome of modern industrial dining nestled in Omaha’s Old Market District. This culinary gem offers a vibrant twist on classic wood-fired and smoked dishes, setting itself apart from the rest with its innovative approach to cuisine. Located at Farnam’s latest addition to the Old Market, Dynamite Woodfire Grill invites its guests to immerse themselves in an unforgettable dining experience, where tradition meets innovation in every bite.

Dynamite Woodfire Grill website design on laptop

the challenge

Dynamite is a restaurant inaugurated in the Farnam Hotel in Omaha. While it is part of the hotel, it definitely has its own identity and place in the market, which sets it apart from the hotel itself. Creating a new website to not only display their menu but also to help with the table booking process is a must; all of this while highlighting their offer for Private Dining and ethical view of using only locally grown, fresh produce.

Trendy restaurant website design on table and laptop

the solution

The design of this website is inspired by the restaurant’s industrial aesthetic, ensuring a consistent look with the brand and identity of the place. Resources have been integrated to enhance the table booking experience, aiding users in completing the task effortlessly. Beautiful photography and bold imagery showcase the best dishes the restaurant has to offer. Allowing users to effortlessly browse the entire menu.

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