Non-profit Websites


Essential Features for a Non-Profit Website

Mission Statement and Vision

Clearly articulate your organization's mission and vision to instantly communicate your purpose and goals to visitors.

Impact Stories and Testimonials

Share compelling stories and testimonials that highlight the tangible impact of your work, inspiring confidence and emotional engagement from supporters.

Donation Options

Offer a variety of donation options, including one-time, recurring, and gift donations, with an easy and secure online giving process.

Volunteer Information and Sign-Up

Create a dedicated section for volunteers, providing information on how to get involved, volunteer opportunities, and an easy sign-up process.

Events Calendar

Promote upcoming events with an interactive calendar, encouraging community participation and engagement.

Educational Resources and Blog

Share valuable resources, insights, and updates through a regularly updated blog and resource library, establishing your organization as a thought leader in your field.

Social Media Integration

Seamlessly integrate your social media channels to extend your reach, foster community, and encourage shares and interactions.

The Impact of a Well-Designed Non-Profit Website

A thoughtfully designed non-profit website can significantly amplify your organization's reach and impact by:

  • Elevating Awareness

    A professional and informative website raises awareness for your cause, attracting more supporters and advocates.

  • Boosting Donations and Volunteer Sign-Ups

    An intuitive, user-friendly website makes it easier for people to donate and volunteer, directly supporting your mission.

  • Sharing Success Stories

    Highlighting your impact through stories and testimonials motivates others to contribute, knowing their support makes a difference.

  • Educating and Engaging the Community

    Providing resources and information educates the public and engages them more deeply with your cause.


Snowberry Media’s Tailored Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

At Snowberry Media, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, we offer bespoke web design and development services tailored to the unique needs of non-profit organizations. Here's how we can help:

Custom Design and Branding

We create visually compelling websites that reflect your mission and engage your audience, reinforcing your organization’s identity and values.

Secure Donation and Volunteer Features

Implement secure, flexible donation options and volunteer sign-up forms to make supporting your cause easy and trustworthy.

Content Strategy and SEO

Develop a content strategy that effectively communicates your message and improves your visibility, driving more traffic to your site.

Social Media and Community Engagement Tools

Integrate social media and tools for community engagement to broaden your reach and foster a strong sense of community.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We provide continuous website support, and maintenance to ensure your site remains secure, up-to-date, and aligned with your goals.

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