Impact Compliance Training 

Impact Compliance Training (ICT) provides targeted training solutions to help companies adhere to workplace anti-harassment laws. This specialized program equips organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to cultivate a safe and respectful work environment. By offering comprehensive guidance and resources, ICT empowers companies to proactively address compliance issues and promote inclusivity within their workforce.

Training Website Responsive Design Example

the challenge

Impact Compliance Training is seeking a new website to project a professional image. Being a small entity, it aims to establish a polished online presence. Our primary objective will be to guide users efficiently to the ‘request demo’ section, prioritizing conversion. Since Impact Compliance Training currently lacks a logo, part of our project will involve developing their branding.

Creating custom web icons process
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Training Website Design Banner Example
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the solution

We executed a comprehensive brand strategy encompassing logo design, stationary, presentation templates, and digital visuals tailored for social media platforms. Implementing a targeted Facebook ad strategy further bolstered Impact Compliance’s online presence. The website design reflects a modern aesthetic, exuding transparency and professionalism. The intuitive flow of the site facilitates seamless navigation for users, enabling them to access desired information effortlessly. Additionally, we engineered a streamlined funnel to guide interested prospects towards requesting a product demo, optimizing conversion potential.

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