Nexgen Tooling

NEXGEN Tooling LLC is a manufacturer of high-performance cutting tools specializing in manufacturing tight tolerance carbide cutting tools for manufacturers worldwide. They use their expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and patented tool designs, and deliver results that improve their client’s capabilities, optimize performance, and stretch their tooling budget.

Manufacturing website design example

the challenge

The current Nexgen website it’s overly simple and doesn’t offer their customers the opportunity to explore the products. Information is scattered all over the site and there isn’t a coherent flow. The main goal is to help users find the tools they need as quickly as possible.

Manufacturing website responsive design
Manufacturing website design announcement graphic

the redesign

The redesigned Homepage offers a more coherent flow and guides users throughout the entire experience, making it both enjoyable and informative. Elements such as fine lines and arrows, reminiscent of technical drawings made by engineers, are utilized throughout the Hero Section to accentuate the company’s products. The new feature for finding a tool is the focal point of the new site, simplifying the exploration of the entire tool offering for both new and existing customers to find exactly what they need. Additionally, the final solution includes not only this feature but also an e-commerce solution for customers and even a customization feature for when customers cannot find the tool they seek.

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